Descendants of Major Samuel Goodwin

My goal is to trace all descendants of Major Samuel!  I know it’s an impossibly mammoth task, but I like to dream big!  And I will probably never run out of people to research and that makes me happy. 🙂

Samuel Goodwin was born on 27 Jan 1716, the son of John Goodwin and Lydia Sprague.  He died on 29 Nov. 1802 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Willard, the daughter of Jacob Willard and Sarah Flint, on 15 Feb 1738/9 in Boston, Massachusetts.  She was born on 4 Nov 1714 in Salem, Massachusetts, and died on 20 Feb 1787.

They had the following children:

  1. Samuel Goodwin Jr. married Ann Frances Goud 1762
  2. Lydia Goodwin married Robert Twycross 1764
  3. Elizabeth Goodwin, b. 1743, d. 1818
  4. Abigail Goodwin married 1) Thomas Johnson 1776, married 2) William Goodwin 1790
  5. Sarah Goodwin married Nathaniel Bailey 1768
  6. Mercy Goodwin married 1) Nymphas Bodfish 1774, 2) John Hart 1803
  7. Rebecca Goodwin married John Johnson 1777

2nd Generation

1.  Samuel Goodwin Jr. and Ann Frances Goud had the following children:

  1. Lydia Goodwin
  2. Ann Goodwin
  3. Samuel Twycross Goodwin
  4. George Goodwin
  5. Charles Goodwin
  6. John Goodwin
  7. Sarah Goodwin
  8. Randolph Goodwin
  9. Edward Goodwin
  10. Benjamin Goodwin

2.  Lydia Goodwin and Robert Twycross had the following children:

  1. Robert Harcourt Twycross
  2. Stephen Nymphas Twycross
  3. Joseph Lee Twycross
  4. Samuel Goodwin Twycross

5.  Sarah Goodwin and Nathaniel Bailey had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Bailey
  2. Nathaniel Bailey
  3. David Bailey
  4. Samuel G Bailey
  5. Thomas Bailey
  6. Abigail G Bailey
  7. Sarah Bailey
  8. Jacob Bailey
  9. Mary Bailey
  10. Lydia Hannah Bailey

6.  Mercy Goodwin and Nymphas Bodfish had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Bodfish
  2. Joseph Goodwin Bodfish
  3. William Bodfish
  4. William Bodfish
  5. Mary Bodfish
  6. Samuel Goodwin Bodfish
  7. Margaret Bodfish
  8. Nathan Bodfish
  9. Abigail Bodfish
  10. Mercy Bodfish

7.  Rebecca Goodwin and John Johnson had the following children:

  1. Thomas Johnson
  2. John Johnson Jr.
  3. Samuel Goodwin Johnson
  4. Lydia Johnson
  5. Elizabeth Johnson
  6. William Goodwin Johnson
  7. James Johnson
  8. Rebecca Johnson



34 Responses

  1. hello there

    i currrently serve as president and director of lincoln county historical association, the stewards of the Pownalborough Court House. Several of our members are Samuel Goodwin descendants including a few who are active genealogists. anything i/we can do to help let me/us know. please invite all to attend our Memorial Day service in the cemetery in which 18th c. reenactors do the honors. we are always eager to hear from any goodwin descendants. perhaps we can schedule a family reunion in the future. Samuel Goodwin was quite a person. he reactivated the kennebec proprietors, and was involved with fort frankfort/shirley located on our property prior to construction of court house, etc., etc.
    Thank you for helping to keep Goodwin family interest alive. please also refer folks to our website we can be reached at

    good luck

    jay robbins

  2. My great grandfather was Jasper Durastis Goodwin, my great grandmother was Elizabeth Wyatt. William Goodwin was Jaspers father. They are buried in Fleming County, Ky. They made their way into Ky. from Virginia.

  3. Hi,
    I just reciently found my ggg grandfathers grave in virginia. His name is Thomas Fretwell Phillips.
    But Im trying to connect him to John Goodwin cause their is a plot of 3 together inside of a rod iron fence.
    You can view this if you go to
    Search for Thomas Fretwell Phillips and then once at his page you can scroll down to view additional photos and their is the photo with John Goodwin’s name on it.
    Their is also a Sarah Elizabeth Brodie. Would you know of the connection in Virginia?
    Linda R. Stookey (Phillips)

  4. Hello there,

    I am descended from Maj. Goodwin through his daughter, Sarah and Nathaniel Bailey.

    I have very little information on Maj. Goodwin’s father, John.

    I wonder if you have any information on John’s birth, marriage, death date/ place and maybe even a generation or two before him as well.

    Best regards,

    Garrett Bailey

  5. I was going through my worn copy of “History of Dresden, Maine” by Charles Edwin Allen again and found where he does address the subject of Maj. Goodwin’s father.

    He states that John Goodwin was born 16 Mar 1682
    Savers Dock, England (near London) and that he died Feb 1753 Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

    It sure would be nice to flesh out more details about John and his wife.

  6. Do you know anything about Randolph?
    Did any of these goodwins migrate to VA/

  7. i have old letters dating from the late 1830’s from the lilly sisters (Capt Issac Lilly’s daughters) that mentions local society and school days as well as a document from the 1850’s about a plantation of Ann Johnson in Mississippi. We think we are related to Mary Lilly but cannot find who she married.She may have had a daughter named louise. We know her sister harriet married a Frank Houdlette and another sister married a Warren Call and died in childbirth. Does anyone know anything about Mary Lilly. i also have a letter from Elizabeth Hathorn. the letters indicate that they were friends with Sally Houdlette.

    Thanks! for any info Cheryl

  8. I am a direct decendant of Maj Samuel (Samuel Jr, Benjamin, Benjamin Augustus, Irving Converse, Forest Converse) and am looking for more information on Benjamin Augustus and the family in general. I live in Mass and would be interested in attending a family reunion or other event.
    Roy Goodwin

  9. I am a descendant of Samuel S. Goodwin of Monson Maine/Lincoln Maine. He married Nancy Town/Towne. Having a hard time conecting him to the Goodwins of Major Samuel Goodwin. Some of Samuel and Nancys kids were named Merritt and Stinson Godwin. Help!

  10. In my attempt to unravel the confusion around Thomas Fretwell Phillips, I came across this book. You can download the PDF from Google Books free. Search for Thomas Fretwell Philips to find the relationship to Goodwin.

    Virginia reports: Jefferson–33 Grattan, 1730-1880, Volumes 1-2 By Thomas Johnson Michie, Thomas Jefferson, Peachy Ridgway Grattan

  11. You do have excellent photos on your site!
    Hi, I am a genealogy nut interested in having a copy of your genealogy data base. You have two children for Major Samuel Goodwin that I do not have and descendant info that I do not have. I notice a dearth of birth dates for his children. I have at least a year for all but the two I am missing. I also have two daughters named Abigail, one born in OCT 1746 and the other in JUL 1748 (Records of the Province of Massachusetts Bay). Are you willing to share? I have no photos and would delight in having any available (copies, that is, in .jpg perhaps?). As of this moment, my website has the Major in two files (my numbers 5031 and 5102). With the information from your site, I am able to merge them/him. I am taking a surname approach to the Goodwin’s, so every scrivet you have is fodder for coveting. You are welcome to take whatever I have at . Willing to make a special report for you if you want it. Perhaps after I add your data so you can double check it…

  12. Hello, Thank you for your interest!  I apologize for the delay in replying.  I haven’t been doing much family history work lately as my time is pretty occupied with my 5-week old baby!  And it’s hard to type one-handed.

    I would be quite willing to share my files and my photos.  Can you take a gedcom file?  It’s kind of messy, I was interested in tracing the descendants (3 or 4 generations anyway) of Major Samuel Goodwin and Robert Twycross as there were quite a few intermarriages between 1st and 2nd cousins.  That is a work in progress and I’m still in the middle of making sure my sources are noted.  Most of what I have though comes from the vital records of Pownalborough/Dresden or from Charles Allen’s History of Dresden, Maine volume.   As for photos, I’d be happy to send you those as well, although the original .jpg files are quite large.  It would probably be easiest to put them all on a cd and mail them to you if you can give me a week or so.    I had a look at your Goodwin family history site and am excited to explore it further!  Thanks for the link!  

  13. Malcolm,
    I checked out your site and the listing under Goodwin. I couldn’t find a lot of the family members that I know of and I found numerous errors on the information that I did find. Where did that data come from?

    Here is a little specific information on my line:
    John Goodwin: b. 16 Mar 1683 d. 17 Jan 1732 m. Lydia Sprague (b. 1682, Malden, MA, d. 1739, Boston)

    Samuel Goodwin: b. 27 Jan 1716 Boston, d. 29 Nov 1802 Charlestown,MA), m. Elizabeth Willard (b. 4 Nov 1714 Salem, MA, d. 20 Feb 1787)

    Samuel Goodwin Jr.: b. 16 Feb 1740 Charlestowm, d. 3 Jul 1798 Dresden. m. Ann Franes Goud (b. France, d. 8 Jan 1823)

    Benjamin Goodwin: b. 26 Apr 1784 Dresden, d. 14 Mar 1859 m. Sarah Lilly (b. 12 Nov 1792, d. 1 Dec 1842)

    Benjamin Augustus Goodwin: b. 13 Jun 1839 Dresden, d. 4 Nov 1891 Hollowell, ME, m. Augustua O. Reynolds (b. 13 Dec 1861, d. 30 Mar 1948)

    Irving Converse Goodwin: b. 11 Jul 1881, d. 21 Apr 1950, m. Lydia Elizabeth Jordan (b. 21 Nov 1884, d. 6 Jan 1919 N. Leeds, ME)

    Forest Converse Goodwin: b. 7 Jun. 1915 N. Leeds, Me, d. 31 Dec 1995 Florida, m. Freda Marie Marcil (b. 12 Mar 1917 Quebec, d. 31 Jan 1996 Florida)

    Roy Michael Goodwin: b. 27 Jan 1947 Medway MA still kicking!

  14. Hello Garrett,
    You said you’d like more information on John Goodwin (father of Major Sam), so here goes:

    John was actually from St. Saviours Dock in London and was born 16 March 1683. He came over to Boston in 1712, When he came he left his first wife (Anne) and two sons (John b. 1710 and Edward b. 1708) behind. Anne was pregnant at the time and had their third child (Anne) a few months later.

    In 1713 Anne and the three children sailed from London to join John in Boston, along with them came John’s younger brother William (b. 1688). It was William’s intent to return to London after seeing his brother’s family safely over, however he fell in love with Jane Ashfield, married, and settled for a time in Charlestown. In 1715 William was offered the job of building a large church in Marblehead (where Jane was from) so the family moved to that Town. His descendants are still there to this day.

    John’s wife Anne and infant daughter got sick and died shortly after they arrived in this country leaving John with two boys to raise. A short time later (25 Nov. 1714) he married Lydia Sprague (b. 1682 in Malden). They resided in Charlestown and there had son Samuel (b. 27 Jan. 1716).

    All three of John’s sons (John, Edward, and Samuel) married and had their children in Charlestown. While John and Edward stayed in the Boston area, Samuel as we know moved to Pownalborough which later became Dresden, where he and his family were well known for many years.

    Getting back to John senior: His second wife (Lydia Sprague Goodwin) died in 1739 in Charlestown. His extended family kept growing in Charlestown as all three of his sons were giving him grandchildren on almost an annual basis right up to 1750. On 3 Sep 1751 he married for the third time to Margaret Gibbs. Less than a year later (17 Jan 1752) he died in Boston at age 69.

    It appears John was a housewright (carpenter) as there is mention of his son John, and grandson John, following in his footsteps in that field. His brother William was also a housewright as was his son. While I have yet to find credable information on the brothers in England it is fair to assume they were housewright before coming over as they found work in this field shortly after their arrival.

    When researching the early Goodwin roots beware of misdirection. There are referances to a third brother, but in digging deeper I believe this is an error caused when one researcher confused John’s son Edward as his brother. All referances to “brother” Edward I have found to date have the same birth, death, and marriage dates as “son” Edward. They also have the same children listed.

    The second serious problem you may encounter is that most research on John’s brother William has him as the Grandson of Christopher Goodwin (b. 1618)through his son Timothy. Some even show John as grandson of Christopher, although without actually stating by which of Christopher’s sons. None of this is correct! While Christopher’s son Timothy did have sons named both John and William, they were both born here (not in England) and their birth dates do not coincide with the known dates of “our” John and William. I believe this error started when a genealogy was publish back in 1909 stating “our” William was the son of Timothy. He went on to list all of William’s family for several generations in Marblehead and others have just copied this all as fact and run with it. Timothy was raising his family in Charlestown at the time when John and William settled in that town and someone just made a “leap of faith” that Timothy’s William was the one that settled from Charlestown to Marblehead in 1715. Obviously this researcher did not know of the connection between William and “our” John, nor did he have access to William’s 1713 bible. Had he known that these brothers were actually born in England and didn’t come over until 1712/1713 I’m sure he would have dug deeper and found the correct William to put forth as Timothy’s son.


  15. Hello, I am a descendent of Edward Goodwin who came to Amesbury, Massachusetts, ca. 1668. After Edward comes Richard, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, William, Elijah, and Leonard. I have been researching my family for many years and know there are many Goodwins in Maine, but I have never been able to make a connection to my Goodwin family. Do you know of any connection to the Goodwins of Amesbury, Massachusetts?

  16. Hello Kathleen (Goodwin) LaPlume.

    My name is David Goodwin. I am a ninth grandson of Edward Goodwin of Amesbury, Mass. My line also follows much of your line Edward, Richard, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac and then veers off with David born 1760 in Amesbury. I would be interested in sharing information with you if you would like.

    David Goodwin

  17. Dear David,
    I am also a descendant of Edward Goodwin via Richard, Samuel,Joseph,Isaac, Isaac,Willobee, John Jenkins, (civil was soldier), who was the father of my grandmother Mary Sargent Goodwin who m. Elmer Shute. I have info an most of these people and their wives, if you wanr to swap info.

    Kay McDowell

  18. My line is Edward, Richard, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, Isaac, Willobee, John Jenkins, and my grandmother Mary Sargent Goodwin who m. Elmer Shute. Do you want so swap info?
    Kay NcDowell

  19. I would like to know if Randolph Goodwin, son of Samuel Goodwin, Jr. lived in Dresden, Maine and had a daughter, Mary, that may have married a Charles L. Austin, b1841, in Maine. If so they could be part of my family. My great-grandfather is Charles Austin and I am trying to piece the family together for my Mother. I also would like to know when Mary Goodwin Austin, b1844, died and where she is buried. I am from Washington State and am planning a trip to Maine to look for my family.

    Thanks for you help,

  20. I found that my line of the goodwin’s comes from Samuel Twycross whose son was Randolph, who had a daughter named Mary E. and she married Charles L. Austin. I am not sure if my grandfather Charles A. Austin is their son or grandson. Can anyone help with this info.

  21. Kay,

    I don’t know why I did not see your email earlier. But I don’t recall having seen it. I would be happy to share information on our Goodwin line.


  22. Hello all you kind Goodwin descendants, thanks you for this interesting site.Well I’m another descendant from Melbourne Australia. Might seem a long way from Dresden and that locality but my fifth gggrandfather was Robert Twycross who married Lydia Goodwin and who is the founder of the American branch of the Twycross family. I’m interested in anyone who is researching this interesting family, living so far away I am not able to access the records where I believe most of my questions might be answered. James Twycross.

  23. My entry seems to be the last post is this site still active ? I hope so. I believe Rebecca Goodwin kept a journal is this correct. If so, where might that journal be now and is it available for research. Would be nice to hear from some kind person, James twycross.

  24. I am looking for information about William Goodwin He was married to India (Dunkin) Goodwin. Bill died in 1966. He was my grandfather. I know that one of his brothers’ name was Johnzy Goodwin. I believe that he lived in Ohio before coming to Muncie Indiana. He and India
    lived in Selma at the time of his death.

  25. Hello Becky, I’m responding to your message not because I can assist your search as you will see I live in Melbourne Australia and i’m a direct descendant through my 5th gg grandfather, Robert Twycross. I respond to your message to let you know that I received it, although unable to help your search I wanted to send you the courtsey of a reply. Best wishes, James Twycross.

  26. I’ve just started looking into my Goodwin heritage. To answer Garrett Boyd Bailey, Sr.’s question about Major Samuel Goodwin’s father John. I have old documents that say that he was born at Savers Dock, near London, England March 16,1683. Came to Boston in 1712. Married second wife Lydia Sprague of Walden, Mass and had Samuel Sr. in Boston, Jan 27, 1716. I hope this helps.

  27. Also, I’m about to follow my mother Joanne Goodwin Baffo as a member of the D.A.R. They’re a great source of Goodwin history. There’s also a S.A.R. in Maine – don’t know anything about them.

  28. Joan your information is interesting is it possible to obtain from you copies of those old documents and if so what would it cost. I’m attempting to write up a family history and material like that is vital to validate stateents in a story. I’d love to hear from you. Best wishes, James.

  29. Very interested in finding out if these are my ancestors, my name is Michael Goodwin I live in East Boston ma , my father’s name is John Richard Goodwin who was born 1934 Charleston ma

  30. Very interested in finding out if these are my ancestors, my name is Michael Goodwin I live in East Boston ma , my father’s name is John Richard Goodwin who was born 1934 Charleston ma

  31. My apologies James. I’m not on top of my correspondence. I have
    paper documents (somewhere) and will be happy to send copies to you. Again, have you looked into the DAR or SAR under the name Goodwin in Dresden? Please remind me if you don’t hear from me in a few weeks. Joan 860-247-7302

  32. Sorry, I don’t have any paper documents – only on-line info that the DAR traced to prove my lineage. Here is an interesting link. I’ll continue to search

  33. I have no idea if my replies are going to an on-going conversation or to an individual. Sorry! Also, the above link is interesting but other documents have more details. Here is one of my favorite links:

  34. Hello Joan, thank you so much for your very kind responses to my request. I send you sincere apologies for being so slow in responding, I had a crash with my old computer and lost such a lot of research but I’m recovering and finally getting back to you. I’m an individual intensely interested in my family history and your leads will be helpful. Along with my apology I send you a bunch of red roses and a big THANK YOU. James.

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