Tombstone Tuesday: John and Rebecca Johnson


John Johnston
June 11, 1813
Aet. 71 yrs. 11 mos.

His Wife
July 19, 1831
Aet. 75 yrs. 11 mos.

This headstone is interesting in that it should say “Johnson” rather than “Johnston.”  I’m not sure why the T crept in there, but every other reference to this family, including many more stones in this cemetery, spells it “Johnson.”  This photo in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery was taken in 2007.  A later photo found on John’s memorial page indicates that the headstone is now lying on the ground.

Rebecca Goodwin Johnson was the youngest daughter of Major Samuel Goodwin and Elizabeth Willard.  She was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, probably November 8, 1755, if her sister Mercy’s family notebook is to be believed.  Other sources give October 9 as her birthday.  She married John Johnson on January 2, 1777, in Pownalborough.  Not much is known about him or his parentage, but his brother Thomas married Rebecca’s older sister, Abigail.

John and Rebecca’s immediate family information can be found in Volume 7 of Maine Families in 1790 edited by Joseph Crook Anderson, II.  It was mainly their descendants who occupied the Pownalborough Court House throughout the 19th and into the 20th century.



Tombstone Tuesday: Samuel Austin Twycross


In memory of
Samuel Austin
son of E. Austin & Sarah A.
who died Apr. 4, 1847
aged 2 years, 4 mons.
22 days

There is some confusion on dates with this child.  His death date is listed as March 4, 1847, in the Dresden town records which differs from the month on his headstone.  The extracted data in the “Maine, Births and Christenings, 1739-1900” database gives his birthdate as 1839, but my personal notes from having gone over the original Dresden town records say that no birthdate is given. So perhaps an age at death was included, but if he was born in 1839,  his mother would have been more likely to be his father’s first wife Caroline rather than Sarah, so I’m inclined to go with the age of 2 as inscribed on the headstone which would indicate a birthdate in late 1844 or early 1845.

His father Ebenezer Austin Twycross (Samuel Goodwin Twycross, Lydia Goodwin, Major Samuel) married his second wife Sarah Ann Goodwin (Benjamin, Samuel Jr., Major Samuel), who was also his second cousin, in August 1843.  Samuel Austin Twycross was the eldest of their four children, though lived but a short time and is buried in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery.


Tombstone Tuesday: Lewis Houdlette Goodwin


In memory of
Lewis H.
son of
George & Sarah Goodwin
Dec. 22, 1820
aged 14 yrs.

Again, I can’t even begin to decipher the verse at the bottom of the stone!

Lewis (or sometimes spelled Louis) Houdlette Goodwin (George, Samuel Jr., Samuel) was born January 12, 1806, in Dresden, Maine, the third son of George Goodwin and Sarah(Sally) Houdlette.  His birth and death dates are both recorded in the Dresden Town and Vital Records.  He is buried in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery.

Tombstone Tuesday: Abigail G. Twycross


Abigail G.
Dau. of
Capt. Stephen &
Lydia Twycross
July 29, 1895
Aet. 90 ys. 5 ms.

Abigail Goodwin Twycross was born Feb. 22, 1805, as recorded in the Dresden, Maine, town records.  She is the daughter of Stephen Twycross and Lydia Johnson, who were first cousins.  Their mothers, Lydia Goodwin Twycross and Rebecca Goodwin Johnson, were both daughters of Major Samuel Goodwin.  She never married and passed away July 29, 1895, from inflammation  or “meningis” of the brain.  She is buried in the Court House Cemetery.

There is a transcription of the Dresden town records prepared by Georgianna Hewins Lilly which records Abigail’s death as being in 1832.  That gave me no end of trouble at one point until I realized I had this photo of Abigail’s headstone sitting in my files which led me to her death certificate, which can be accessed through the link below.

“Maine, Vital Records, 1670-1907 ,” index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 25 Jun 2013), Abbie Twycross, 1895.

Tombstone Tuesday: Emeline Curtis Goodwin


to the memory of
Obt. March 19th 1838
Aged 1 Year & 10 months

Farewell sweet bud of innocence
In all thy beauty sleep.
Twas not for eyes as breight as thine
Life’s bitter tears to weep.
Who would recall thy banished smiles
And all thy nameless grace.
That wrapt thee with a mantle bright
And lift its heavenly trace.

Emeline Curtis Goodwin was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Angelina E. Goodwin, whose headstones we saw last week.  She is a descendant of Major Samuel Goodwin thus: Thomas J., George, Samuel Jr., Samuel.  I do not have a reference for her birth, but her death on March 19, 1838, is listed in the Dresden town and vital records on page 102.  She is buried in the Court House cemetery.

Tombstone Tuesday: Thomas Jefferson and Angelina E. Goodwin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASacred to the memory

Thomas Jefferson Goodwin
Obt. May 28, 1838
Aged 34 yrs. & 10 mos.

Farewell thow loved & cherished one farewell
Thou hast not lived in vain or died for naught
Oft of thy worth survivors longue shall tell
And thy long cherished memory shall be fraught
With many a theme of fond and tender thoughts
Which shall preserve it sacred what could years
Or silvered locks of added good have brought
Unto a name like thine even the tears
Thy early death has caused……early worth endears

I had to rely on another photo of this same headstone posted on to help transcribe the lower verses.  When I took these photos back in 2007, I must not have been thinking about how hard it would be later on to transcribe the stones with plants in the way!

Thomas Jefferson Goodwin (George, Samuel Jr., Samuel) was born July 1, 1803, in Dresden, Maine, the son of George Goodwin and Sally Houdlette.  Dresden town and vital records record his birth and later list his death as May 26, 1838, Staten Island, New York, which date conflicts with the headstone.  He married an Angelina E. and they had two daughters:

  1. Matilda Coolidge Goodwin b. 4 Aug 1833
  2. Emeline Curtis Goodwin b. about May 1836

I have never been able to confirm Angelina’s maiden name, but she is buried next to Thomas in the Court House cemetery:


Angelina E. Goodwin
Oct. 12, 1839
Aet. 32

Freed from its earthly home
Her body…………………….

And that’s about all I can make out; even zooming in, the discoloration of the stone makes reading the words very difficult.  This is when I wish I didn’t live 2000 miles from Maine so I could go back and get a better transcription!

Tombstone Tuesday: Charles C. and Mary T. Goodwin


Charles C. Goodwin
Feb. 6. 1870
Aet. 69 yrs. 3 mo.
He never turned the hungry from
his door

Mary T. His Wife
May 7, 1897
AE. 83 ys.

Charles C. Goodwin, the son of George Goodwin and Sally Houdlette, was born in Dresden, Maine, November 10, 1800.  He married his second cousin Mary Twycross, daughter of Stephen Nymphas Twycross and Mary Bailey, on January 31, 1836, according to Dresden Town and Vital Records.  She was also born in Dresden on June 10, 1813.  She died May 7, 1897, of congestion of the lungs and is buried in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery with her husband. They are the parents of two children that I can find:

  1. Charles Augustus, b. 22 Dec. 1836, Dresden   d. 17 Sep. 1862, Battle of Antietam
  2. Sarah Georgianna, b. 7 Aug. 1851, Dresden    d. 16 Sep 1909, Dresden   m. Elsbury W. Moody  3 Dec. 1872, Dresden

Both Charles and Mary are descendants of Major Samuel Goodwin thus:

  • Charles, George, Samuel Jr., Samuel
  • Mary, Stephen Nymphas Twcross, Lydia Goodwin, Samuel

and Mary again through her mother: Mary, Mary Bailey, Sarah Goodwin, Samuel