Tombstone Tuesday: Samuel Austin Twycross


In memory of
Samuel Austin
son of E. Austin & Sarah A.
who died Apr. 4, 1847
aged 2 years, 4 mons.
22 days

There is some confusion on dates with this child.  His death date is listed as March 4, 1847, in the Dresden town records which differs from the month on his headstone.  The extracted data in the “Maine, Births and Christenings, 1739-1900” database gives his birthdate as 1839, but my personal notes from having gone over the original Dresden town records say that no birthdate is given. So perhaps an age at death was included, but if he was born in 1839,  his mother would have been more likely to be his father’s first wife Caroline rather than Sarah, so I’m inclined to go with the age of 2 as inscribed on the headstone which would indicate a birthdate in late 1844 or early 1845.

His father Ebenezer Austin Twycross (Samuel Goodwin Twycross, Lydia Goodwin, Major Samuel) married his second wife Sarah Ann Goodwin (Benjamin, Samuel Jr., Major Samuel), who was also his second cousin, in August 1843.  Samuel Austin Twycross was the eldest of their four children, though lived but a short time and is buried in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery.



Tombstone Tuesday: Abigail G. Twycross


Abigail G.
Dau. of
Capt. Stephen &
Lydia Twycross
July 29, 1895
Aet. 90 ys. 5 ms.

Abigail Goodwin Twycross was born Feb. 22, 1805, as recorded in the Dresden, Maine, town records.  She is the daughter of Stephen Twycross and Lydia Johnson, who were first cousins.  Their mothers, Lydia Goodwin Twycross and Rebecca Goodwin Johnson, were both daughters of Major Samuel Goodwin.  She never married and passed away July 29, 1895, from inflammation  or “meningis” of the brain.  She is buried in the Court House Cemetery.

There is a transcription of the Dresden town records prepared by Georgianna Hewins Lilly which records Abigail’s death as being in 1832.  That gave me no end of trouble at one point until I realized I had this photo of Abigail’s headstone sitting in my files which led me to her death certificate, which can be accessed through the link below.

“Maine, Vital Records, 1670-1907 ,” index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 25 Jun 2013), Abbie Twycross, 1895.

Tombstone Tuesday: Charles C. and Mary T. Goodwin


Charles C. Goodwin
Feb. 6. 1870
Aet. 69 yrs. 3 mo.
He never turned the hungry from
his door

Mary T. His Wife
May 7, 1897
AE. 83 ys.

Charles C. Goodwin, the son of George Goodwin and Sally Houdlette, was born in Dresden, Maine, November 10, 1800.  He married his second cousin Mary Twycross, daughter of Stephen Nymphas Twycross and Mary Bailey, on January 31, 1836, according to Dresden Town and Vital Records.  She was also born in Dresden on June 10, 1813.  She died May 7, 1897, of congestion of the lungs and is buried in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery with her husband. They are the parents of two children that I can find:

  1. Charles Augustus, b. 22 Dec. 1836, Dresden   d. 17 Sep. 1862, Battle of Antietam
  2. Sarah Georgianna, b. 7 Aug. 1851, Dresden    d. 16 Sep 1909, Dresden   m. Elsbury W. Moody  3 Dec. 1872, Dresden

Both Charles and Mary are descendants of Major Samuel Goodwin thus:

  • Charles, George, Samuel Jr., Samuel
  • Mary, Stephen Nymphas Twcross, Lydia Goodwin, Samuel

and Mary again through her mother: Mary, Mary Bailey, Sarah Goodwin, Samuel

Tombstone Tuesday: Josephine Abigail Goodwin


Josephine A.
Dau. of
David S. & Lydia
July 7, 1895
Aet. 59 ys. 10 ms.

According to the Dresden Town Records, Josephine was born September 8, 1835, the eldest daughter of David Speare Goodwin and Lydia Twycross Goodwin.  She descends from Major Samuel Goodwin through both her father (David Speare, Samuel T., Samuel Jr., Samuel) and her mother (Lydia Twycross, Stephen Nymphas Twycross, Lydia Goodwin, Samuel) and again through her mother (Lydia Twycross, Lydia Johnson, Rebecca Goodwin, Samuel).  She never married and died July 7, 1895, of consumption.  She is buried in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery.

Military Monday: Civil War soldiers from Dresden, Maine

While searching for something else entirely tonight, I came across the 1906 Town Register for the towns of Wiscasset, Edgecomb, Whitefield, Alna, Woolwich, and Dresden, Maine.  Along with a short history of each town, its early settlers, and the residents in 1906, the book also lists town officials, professional men, pastors, and soldiers.  On page 280 the list of Civil War enlistments from the town of Dresden begins (I’ve bolded each possible descendant of Major Samuel Goodwin):


Geo. A. Bickford, Geo. F. Bliss, Solon S. Beedle, David Cate (Navy), Llewellyn W. Costellow, Joseph L. Call, Geo. F. French, Lieut. Chas. A Goodwin, Chas. H. Goodwin, George Goud, Joseph Henry, Jas. T. Johnson, John B. Keen,Thos. Lilly, F . A. Marshall, John H. Rittall, James F . Rittall, Geo. L. Reed, Edw. D. Reed, Levi W. Siegars, Thos. Siegars, Jeremiah Siegars, Albert G. Stilphen, Benj. F. White.

The above were all killed in battle, died in prison, or from wounds or disease contracted in the service,

The following Dresden men were also in the service: Gilman Andrews, Chas. W. Bickford, Elbridge G. Bickford, Thos. B. Blair, Alvin Brown, Edwin Brown, Frank W. Bickford, David G. Chapman, Daniel C. Carney, Wm. M. Choate, James S. Cate, Ezekiel R. Chapman, Timothy Call, Jas. P . French, Converse Gray, Benj. R. Gray, Edward F. Goud, Chas. C. Goodwin, Henry C. Goodwin. Jos. S. Houdlette, Washington F. Lilly, Samuel C. McKenney, Henry Miller, Elbridge McFadden, Jas. H. Mayers, Chas. Pushard, Converse E. Reed, John H. Small, Wm. H. Smith, Thos. Stewart, Henry W. Stewart, Nathaniel Stewart, Benj. B. Siegars, Samuel A. Siegars.

The following served in the navy: Geo. S. Achorn, Van Buren Blenn, Thos R. Carlton, Geo. Call, Wm. T. Goodwin, Wm. G. Houdlette, Benj. Kidder, Stephen McGown, Fred G. Pushard, Cyrus F. Weeks.


Chas. H. Goodwin served in the 11th Maine Infantry and was killed May 6, 1863, in Hilton Head, South Carolina. He was the son of Charles C. and Mary Clancy Goodwin.  Charles C. was probably the son of Jeremiah Goodwin and his wife Marguerite who show up in early records of Dresden, but I have not yet been able to link them to Major Samuel Goodwin.

Henry C. Goodwin (Abiel, Samuel Twycross, Samuel Jr., Samuel) was in Company C of the 19th Maine Regiment.  Born in 1842, probably in Pittston, Maine, he was the son of Abiel Varon Goodwin and Susan Small.  He died in Sidney, Maine, March 28, 1898, and is buried in Kling Cemetery in Augusta.

Goodwin, Henry C. Maine Veteran's Cemetery records

Chas. C. Goodwin (Abiel, Samuel Twycross, Samuel Jr., Samuel), the brother of Henry C., served with him in Company C of the 19th Regiment.  He enlisted in 1862 and was discharged May 31, 1865.  He died in 1907 and is buried in Coss Hill Cemetery, Pittston, Maine.

Goodwin, Charles C--Maine Veterans' Cemetery records

Thomas R. Carlton married into the Goodwins.  His first wife was Caroline Austin Twycross (Ebenezer Twycross, Samuel G. Twycross, Lydia Goodwin, Samuel.)  They were married in 1860 and had one son, Austin G. Carlton.  Thomas died in 1909 and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Dresden.

I do not yet have a record of Wm. T. Goodwin in my files.  There is hardly a William to be found among Major Samuel’s descendants, although the name does show up in the descendants of Jeremiah and Marguerite, mentioned above.

Chas. A. Goodwin is buried in the Court House cemetery in Dresden.  His stone is the obelisk in the southwest corner:


 A close-up:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Charles A. Goodwin
Aet. 25
only son of Chas. C.
& Mary T. Goodwin.
Lieut. of Co. D. 7th Reg.
Maine Volunteers.
was killed whilst
bravely cheering on
his men in the battle
of Antietam, Md.
Sept. 17, 1862.
He was also a christian soldier and
died in the triumphs of Faith.

Charles Augustus Goodwin was descended from Major Samuel through both his father (Charles C., George, Samuel Jr., Samuel) and his mother (Mary Twycross, Stephen Nymphas Twcross, Lydia Goodwin, Samuel) and again through his mother (Mary, Mary Bailey, Sarah Goodwin, Samuel.)  He was born Dec. 22, 1836.