Let’s start a family history blog!  Because between homeschooling four boys, teaching six cello students, playing in a volunteer orchestra, maintaining our family/homeschool blog, and serving in church callings (not to mention keeping up our home), I obviously need another project to fill up all my free time!

But seriously . . .

We recently visited Dresden, Maine, and had a tour of the Pownalborough Court House of 1761, the only pre-Revolutionary War courthouse still standing in the state of Maine.  There is a cemetery on the property as well that contains 40 or so headstones of various members of the Samuel Goodwin family.  My husband is a direct descendant of Major Samuel and his wife, Elizabeth Willard, and we thought a blog would be a good way to document our family members’ graves as well as other genealogical information we’ve pieced together in our travels–as we can get to it!

Related family names include Twycross, Johnson, Bailey, Bodfish, Houdlette, Goud, Lilly, and Bowman. We’d love to connect with any other descendants of Major Samuel and Elizabeth, so leave us a message in the box below!

Kristiana and Bill Silver
Salt Lake City, UT

Bill’s line of descent:

  • Samuel Goodwin m. Elizabeth Willard
  • Samuel Goodwin Jr. m. Ann Frances Goud
  • Samuel Twycross Goodwin m. Elizabeth Holland
  • Abiel Varon Goodwin m. Susan Small
  • George Edward Goodwin m. Mary Elizabeth Thompson
  • George Abiel David Goodwin m. Johanna Henrietta Witze
  • Bertha Elizabeth Goodwin m. John Chamberlain Silver Jr. (Bill’s grandparents)

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