Tombstone Tuesday: John and Rebecca Johnson


John Johnston
June 11, 1813
Aet. 71 yrs. 11 mos.

His Wife
July 19, 1831
Aet. 75 yrs. 11 mos.

This headstone is interesting in that it should say “Johnson” rather than “Johnston.”  I’m not sure why the T crept in there, but every other reference to this family, including many more stones in this cemetery, spells it “Johnson.”  This photo in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery was taken in 2007.  A later photo found on John’s memorial page indicates that the headstone is now lying on the ground.

Rebecca Goodwin Johnson was the youngest daughter of Major Samuel Goodwin and Elizabeth Willard.  She was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, probably November 8, 1755, if her sister Mercy’s family notebook is to be believed.  Other sources give October 9 as her birthday.  She married John Johnson on January 2, 1777, in Pownalborough.  Not much is known about him or his parentage, but his brother Thomas married Rebecca’s older sister, Abigail.

John and Rebecca’s immediate family information can be found in Volume 7 of Maine Families in 1790 edited by Joseph Crook Anderson, II.  It was mainly their descendants who occupied the Pownalborough Court House throughout the 19th and into the 20th century.



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  1. Great blog! I also have a surname which is easily misspelled – makes tracing the family tree so difficult. You don’t know if you’ve found the right person or not!

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