Tombstone Tuesday: George E. Hall


George E. Hall
Oct. 21, 1875
Aet. 39 yrs. 5 ms.

George Edward Hall was born May 14, 1836, in Dresden, Maine, the son of Edward H. Hall and Mary.  Edward is a descendant of Major Samuel Goodwin: Edward H., Sarah Bailey, Sarah Goodwin, Major Samuel.  I’m not sure who his wife Mary is.  There is a marriage recorded in Dresden for an Edward H. Hall to a Mary H. Goodwin in 1832.  I think these are George’s parents, but cannot yet say for certain.  I also think Mary H. Goodwin is the daughter of George Goodwin and Sally Houdlette, making her a descendant of Major Samuel as well.  But I am even less certain about that than I am about the marriage record.  One way or another, there is always more research to do!

George served in the Civil War in the Maine 12th Infantry Regiment.  After the war, he married Emily Parlin in Dresden in 1866 and they had three children, all born in Dresden:

  1. Charles G.  b. 11 Nov. 1867
  2. Leslie Holmes  b. 14 Nov. 1870 (according to her headstone), d. 16 July 1898 (suicide by ingesting poison!)
  3. Mary Grace  b. 15 Dec. 1873, d. 1 Mar. 1903 from pulmonary tuberculosis

George died in October 1875 and is buried in the Pownalborough Court House cemetery.  His widow was married again to Orrin McFadden in 1879 and had two more children.


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  1. Charles G. was my grandfather. He died before I was born as did my grandmother. His mother was Emily Parliin.

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