The History of Dresden, Maine

A 1931 first edition copy of Charles Edwin Allen’s book, The History of Dresden, Maine, is currently on ebay.  Here’s a link for anyone interested.

I was finally able to obtain my own copy off ebay last year after years of using the Family History Library’s copy (and trying unsuccessfully to track down my own copy.)  It has been invaluable to my research into the Goodwins and related families in Lincoln County.  Unfortunately right now it’s packed away in a box somewhere as we prepare to move.  And I’d much rather work on genealogy right now that pack another box!!  I’m looking forward to perusing it once more in the (hopefully) near future.

A tip–when on ebay searching for items, you can save your search terms.  Then in the future when an item is listed with those same terms, you’ll receive an email.  I have “Pownalborough” and “Dresden” saved as search terms as well as “W&C Silver Halifax” which was a dry goods business some of our Silver ancestors owned in Nova Scotia in the 1800s.  I’ve been able to bid on (and win!) some fabulous finds this way.  I’ll have to share some of them in a future post.


3 Responses

  1. Welcome to Geneabloggers!

    Regards, Grant

  2. Welcome to GeneaBloggers–from a fellow homeschooler and (now inactive) musician!

    I enjoyed taking a look around your blog today, after seeing it mentioned at GeneaBloggers. I can so relate to that pull you are feeling to get the stories out there and share them–and the process of “doing genealogy”–with your young family. I hope, as you continue this blogging process, that you feel encouraged to keep it up and do more.

  3. The New Hampshire State Library in Concord has a copy.

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