Hello Again!

Last month I attended Rootstech 2013, a genealogy/technology conference held here in Salt Lake City every year.  One of the class offerings was “The Blog Blitz: Create Your Own Genealogy Blog in One Session.” But I’ve already done that.  Twice.  What I really need is a class on how to keep posting something on your genealogy blog more frequently than once a year!

Yes, I last posted in this space in March 2012.

Although now that I look back at the archives, I can see that there have been longer stretches between posts than that!  One coincided with having a baby.  So that was an excuse.  Then that baby turned one and got mobile.  Then he turned two.  Now he is three, and sure is a little busybody.  I have three other boys besides.  And we’re homeschooling.  And I play the cello in a local symphony and teach a few private music students.  And I keep busy with church callings as well (one of which deals with family history at least.)  All of this to say that genealogy blogging doesn’t get to the top of the priority list very often!

I know many would say that perhaps motherhood, or at least the period of intense early child-rearing years is maybe not the best season of life to be thinking about family history and genealogy.  But I feel strongly . . . no, I am quite passionate about the importance of making time for family history as a young mother and sharing our family story with my children. In the very near future, I will share some of the reasons why I am so passionate about this.

For now, I just want to say how much I appreciate the interactions with far-flung cousins and some of the connections I have made from sharing some of my research and experiences on this blog.  Thank you so much for reading and sharing.  I began this particular blog as a way to document a cemetery on the grounds of the Pownalborough Court House in Dresden, Maine.  I soon realized that I had quite a bit of genealogical information on all of the families of those buried in the cemetery that might be of some benefit to others.  I also grew bored of just focusing on headstone photos.  So the project grew (along with my family.)

In the past year or two especially, I’ve actually grown more interested in just how we “do genealogy” and how I can do it better.  My 12-year-old is also fascinated with family history right now and asks to “do genealogy.”  We’re still figuring out just what that looks like for him and what he needs to learn to “do” it.  After attending Rootstech the past few years, I’m realizing I have things I want to say about genealogy.  So maybe the focus of this blog won’t just be on headstones and family facts anymore.  I’ll inject a little more personality, a little more often!


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