Pownalborough Courthouse turns 250

Not that anyone ever reads this poor neglected blog of mine, but I thought I’d pass this on:

The Lincoln County Historical Society is hosting the 250th birthday celebration of the Pownalborough Courthouse this Saturday, September 10, 2011.  Among the activities will be colonial music and games, living history demonstrations, a military drill, the opening of a new trail system, and of course birthday cake.  All the details can be found on the historical society’s webpage.

We’ll be there and boy are we excited!  When my husband and I were at the courthouse back in 2007, they told us to be sure and come back in 2011 for the birthday party.  We’ve tentatively been planning on this for four years now, but when the calendar turned to 2011, we had to figure out if a trip to the East Coast was really and truly possible this year.  Things have fallen into place, and we’re flying to New Hampshire on Wednesday with four children in tow, who are so excited they can hardly stand it!  It’s almost like Christmas.

Only 3 more days…


3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I don’t see your name in this blog so who are you and how are you related to Major Samuel Goodwin?
    Linda Kyne

  2. Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey! I am not a blog reader, but I am glad to see your interest in family history. Would you be interested in a collaborative effort? I do Goodwin surname research and share my findings via my website http://www.goodwinfamilyhistory.org. I need help answering emails on family history. You would have full access to my genealogy database, my software, and my equipment via a MS Remote Desktop connection (faster than a VPN).

  3. I am not about to subscribe to anything.

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