Family: Robert Twycross and Lydia Goodwin

Robert Twycross, son of Robert and Lizey Twycross, was born on 11 Dec. 1737 in Brill, Buckinghamshire, England, and was christened there on 5 Jan 1738.  He died in 1783 and was buried on 27 Apr. 1783 in Worle, Somerset, England. 

He married Lydia Goodwin, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Willard Goodwin, on 13 Nov 1764 in Pownalborough, Lincoln, Maine.  She was born on 11 Apr. 1742 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and was christened there on 18 Apr. 1742.  She died about July 1812.

They had the following children:

  1. Robert Harcourt Twycross born on 17 Oct. 1769.  He died in 1855.  He married Harriot Allen in 1794 in London.  They had six children.
  2. Stephen Nymphas Twycross born on 8 Dec. 1773.  He died on 11 May 1841 and is buried in the Old Courthouse Cemetery in Dresden.  He married in 1799 (1) Lydia Johnson his cousin, the daughter of John Johnson and Rebecca Goodwin.  They had three children.  She died 9 Jan 1812. 
    He married (2) Mary Bailey in 1812, also his cousin, the daughter of Nathaniel Bailey and Sarah Goodwin.  They had five children.
  3. Joseph Lee Twycross born on 10 Feb. 1776.  He was lost at sea in 1799.
  4. Samuel Goodwin Twycross born on 26 Apr. 1778.  He died 20 Jul 1816 by drowning in Charlestown, Massachusetts.  He married Martha Austin 29 Sept. 1803 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.  They had three children.

Birth, death, and marriage information was obtained from the town records of Charlestown, Massachusetts; Dresden, Maine: and of Wiscasset, Maine which include the town records of Pownalborough prior to 1794.


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